Wide Awake


Executive Producers: The Alice Project with Sheena Leigh

Music mixed by Christopher Jon / Dark Vision Media
Producers/Director: Brooke Lemke & Sasha Travis
Editors: Joey Rassool, Brian Murphy, & Jackie Bauwens
Associate Producer: Chris Bradley
Assistant Directors: Elisabeth O’Rourke & Corrinne Marks-Stevens
2nd Assistant Directors: Jamie Hanson & Kim Farris
Production Assistants: Seth Yohnka, Calee Gilliland, Kevin Kelley
Director of Photography: Joey Rassool
1st Assistant Camera: Eric Flores
Set Decorator: Chris Bradley
Choreographer: Sheena Leigh
Gaffer: Al Gonzalez
Best Boy Grip: Jon Ross
Stunt Coordinator/Safety: Chris Bradley
Stunts (Fencers): Jessica Bennett & Victoria Ortiz
Hair/Makeup: Daniela Bernatos & Rocky Calderon
Lead Dancers: Sheena Leigh, Kasmira Buchanan, Kristen Holleyman, Alexander Ward
Dancing Bear: Roger Fojas
Mermaid: Virginia Hankins
Hammock/Fire: Michelle “Star” LaVon
Aerial: Emily Pennington
Fire: RJ Parsons & Tommy Giddings
Acrobats: Mod Plank and Alexander Plank
Live Painter: Siobhan Shier
Ambiance: Amanda Klein & Brendan O’Rourke

Tash Cox: Lead Vocals
Sasha Travis: Vocals
Scott Landes: Lead Guitar / Synth / Programming
Jesse DeSanto: Guitar
Gordon Lysle Bash: Bass / Vocals
Steve Kefalas: Drums

The Alice Project is: Tash Cox, Gordon Lysle Bash, Scott Landes, Steve Kefales, and Sasha Travis

Special Thanks to: Bryan Forrest and The Manor, Sypher Arts Studios, Sword and the Stone, Global Effects, everyone who came together to make this video a reality, thank you so much!

Copyright © 2019 The Alice Project