Waiting For You


Producers – AL1CE, Bryan Forrest, Jason Carl
Director – Sasha Travis
Director of Photography – Nathan Trowbridge
Second Unit Director Of Photography – Carl Garcia
Choreography – Sheena Leigh
Fight Choreography – Bryan Forrest
Safety – James Croak
AL1CE Gents Wardrobe – Miss Morgan Productions

Jack – Carl Garcia
Alice – Sheena Leigh
Christine Ko & Kevin Kelley
Rat Pack
Fifi – Victoria Ortiz
Valkyrie – Sarah Robinson
Tank – Kyle Kerler
Twinkle – Zendon Robinson
Twigs – James Croak
Fevvers – Bryan Forrest
Zips – Carl Garcia

Coven Wardrobe Inspiration – Christine Ko

Special Thanks – Danica Vallone, Bryan Forrest, Kasmira Buchanan, Lennon Hobson, Al Gonzalez & Mentha Designs, James Croak

Waiting For You audio mixed and mastered by Scott Landes / The Alice Project

AL1CE is Tash Cox, Gordon Lysle Bash, Steve Kefalas, Jesse DeSanto, Scott Landes, Sasha Travis & Nathan Trowbridge

AL1CE is part of a collective under The Alice Project along with Mankind is Obsolete, Alice Underground, and BASHROCK

Copyright © 2019 The Alice Project