Ordinary World


This is our cover of the song “Ordinary World” by Duran Duran!

Cast (in order of appearance)
Kasmira Buchanan
Lennon Hobson
Katie Coleman
Reya Lynn
Kennedy Perez
Christina Coleman
Sheena Leigh
Nichelle Bane
James Twilley
Shari Berman Landes
Scott Landes
Harlan Landes
Ariana Torres
Mariana Reyes
Rebecca Power
Bryan Forrest

Bryan Forrest
Vincent Vallejo
Tanisha Marx
Daniel Johnson
Gavin Bintz

Beautiful Home which is a safe and inspiring place provided by Christian Buchanan

We want to send a giant-heart-open-Thank-You to our friends and family members who took the time during the quarantine to be a part of this project. Each performer filmed themselves or they were filmed by someone that they were sheltering-in-place with and we could not be more grateful for these beautiful videos. We could have made multiple fantastic videos with the amount of wonderful footage that people took the time to submit,

thank you all so much for your passion, for your dedication, and for sharing your beautiful souls with us. Thank you for your vulnerability and your generosity of spirit in expressing your experience with us!

At the end of the video are three students from The Coleman School of Dance in New York. Christie Coleman (the Director of the Coleman School of Dance) is also featured and we wanted to be sure to send a special thanks to the Coleman School of Dance, which is, like so many dance, music, and art schools, continuing to teach and inspire during this time through virtual classes and online support. You can check out their website www.thecolemandance.com to learn more about this wonderful school!

Huge Gratitude to all of those who helped these amazing performers film during this time!

Special Thanks from the Cast and Crew: Curtis Waugh, Kylen Plummer, Amy Boxshall-Smith, Bryan Forrest, James Twilley

Many pets were featured in these videos since they are quarantined with us as well! Thank you to Teddy, Apollo, Bandit, Pennie, and Ruckus, who all make appearances in this video. Also, Woofgang, Chester, and Athena (they aren’t featured here, but we are giving them shoutouts for being fantastic quarantine buddies as well!)

And finally, we want to take a moment to honor the people we have lost in the last few years as they are in this video in so many ways, we give our gratitude for the lives of Mary Lou Coleman and Shari Berman Landes who have both passed into the next realm. We will never be able to quantify how they touched our lives, we only know they are in every single thing that we create, and we wanted to be sure to include them in this video.

AL1CE is Tash Cox, Steve Kefalas, Scott Landes, Gordon Lysle Bash, and Sasha Travis


This is such a strange and unprecedented time. When we all met in Joshua Tree for our writing retreat this January we had absolutely NO idea that we would be releasing music during a time of quarantine, and when we went back and listened to the lyrics of Ordinary World it was flooring how apropos it is to everything that is happening. We talked about making a music video and how on earth we could make one that expresses some of what is going on right now and still keep everyone safe while filming. So we reached out to our amazing creative community and asked that they film themselves (or ask the people they are sheltering-in-place with to film them) and send in videos of themselves dancing and experiencing a contained life. It has been amazing to see the videos they sent. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who helped make this happen and to our creative community at large, we see you supporting each other during this time and we are so grateful and so impressed.

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