Bottled Truth


Directed by Praheme
Director of Photography – Carl Garcia
Choreography – Sheena Leigh & Marlon Pelayo
Woman of Truth – Beth Outley
Dancers – Sheena Leigh & Marlon Pelayo
Man on Break – James Twilley
Couple on the Bench – Tiffany Mariano-Monteiro & Roselle Mariano-Monteiro
Wino – Carl Garcia
Seekers – Praheme, Alex Troxler, Andy Walker
Gardener – Nancy Jo Perdue
Water Drinker – Ramsey Robinson

Special Thanks to James Twilley, Alex Troxler, Shakti Innertainment, Ritual Fashion

AL1CE is Tash Cox, Scott Landes, Gordon Lysle Bash, Steve Kefalas, Carl Garcia, and Sasha Travis

The Alice Project is made up of AL1CE, Alice Underground, BASHROCK, and Mankind is Obsolete.

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