Tour Notes Day 1+2

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 1 & 2 – Unity of Opposites Tour, Part 2

  • If you are going to tour the southwest in August you are going to need to apply deodorant at least twice a day, for the safety of yourself and those around you, so one of those little travel deodorants isn’t gonna cut it.
  • If you drop your water bottle and break it right before the first show, at least be sure to pour it ALL over yourself so you have that fresh drenched look as you go on stage (actually in Tucson AZ this felt really really good to be soaked heading on stage)
  • Its amazing when friends, family, fans, the promoters, other bands, the venue… Just about anyone… Brings us food… When that food is made with love… You can just taste the extra love.
  • If you get a bee stuck in your hair, just sit down. Now take your time, calmly explain to the bee that you aren’t trying to murder it with strange fibrous tentacles and that if it will just hold still and not sting you that you can work together and everyone will survive the situation. Bees are good listeners. Also… I may have traumatized a bee… again.
  • Learning to cook with Tash is a magical experience.
  • Sometimes… Music… Hmmm… Sometimes music… Well… Hmmmm…
  • Sooooo maybe not giant dangly earrings (even if they are your favorite) because the first headbang of the night and those things go RIGHT in your eyeball. Yep, that’s on camera.
We almost always stay in the COOLEST places. Farmington is no exception. We are staying in an old chapel that has been turned into a music studio. I mean, really.
It is phenomenal to be someplace so quiet. The quietest place I have ever been was probably a cave, way under the ground, and then I gave it time and realized there were all these distant drips and drops and squeaks and flops, but it was almost silent, as silent as I’ve ever really experienced. All that being said, being way out here, with the moon and the clouds and the desert, this is also a sacred sort of quiet.
Having precious little fuzzy beasts to snuggle during load in and load out is really special.
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