Tour Notes Day 3

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 3 – Southern Roots Tour

Sometimes, when it’s hot, technology stops working.

You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube … Living in the future is so cool.

Charge all of your electronics every night, you never know when you’ll get another chance.

Ice. ice it, that soreness? Ice it.

Trust yourself, you got this.

People can be mean, insensitive, just plain rude, creepy, or downright awful, don’t let them step on you, don’t let it get you too down. The people who truly know you and accept you for who you are…those are the people you want to keep close, be grateful for those people.

Naps may be the most luxurious thing in the world – naps and chocolate.

Drug store tiny items are invaluable.

There are always two (or more) sides to any tale, especially a dramatic tale … Be gentle with yourself and others.

80s night for goth people looks a lot like any other night for goth people 😊 we just haven’t changed all that much … Some, but not all that much.

People who are willing to help (merch, load in/out, lighting) are priceless, I mean the help is so appreciated and necessary.

Bi-location lesson again . . . really gotta learn this one.

remember to eat, this one is pretty vital most of the time, but on tour it’s crazy vital.

Some things may look like our things that aren’t our things at all!!

Too small shoes are too small.

Humidifiers. are. awesome. Woah.

Sweaters are warm.

I looooooove it when people don’t recognize me.

(Side note – I danced a hole in my sweater)


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