Tour Notes Day 2

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 2 – Southern Roots Tour

Do not take your showers for granted.

Wear sunscreen even when you think you don’t have to, the sun is sneakier than you think 111 degrees is hot, no matter how hard you pretend it isn’t.

Burgers fix an awful lot of issues 😊

Pee even when you don’t think you have to, when the van stops for gas, when you stop to stretch your legs, because you’ll be the one who thinks “I don’t need to pee” and then half and hour later … 😜 (this was so me)

New towels leave little fluffers on everything … Sooooooo maybe not black towels for tour . . . or if you have to have black towel (ahem, because I have to have black towels) maybe warsh them a few times before leaving.

In places that are hot, the hot water in bathrooms is hot from the beginning … Be careful.

Everything still takes pi times as long as I think.

Always have extra costume pieces, ties, suspenders, tights … Etc

Apparently the way I hold my microphone is funny and causes much laughing.

Carry cash … Cause the other bands might be AMAZING and you might need their albums.

Fans (as in devices that blow cool air) in the heat are awesome, because they keep one cool. Fans in the heat when one is wearing a short flowy dress … Slightly less awesome … Slightly

Pee, just pee every chance you get, sometimes the pre-show-pees are just nerves. Sometimes they are actual bladder messages.


Know where the water is at all times.

It takes a village, it really does, to do just about anything… this particular village of musicians and artists is truly phenomenal.

Fishnets weren’t made to last, let it go, let it go…

Know where the water is at all times.


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