Tour Notes Day T-minus 8

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes T-minus 8 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Be kind to your fellow humans, even adults, you never know who is learning to ride a bike, who is getting on a plane for the first time, or who has a tummy ache.
  • Playing Wooly Booger in the bathroom is an AWESOME use of time, ESPECIALLY when one should be sewing and packing and labeling
  • Life throws all sorts of things at you… especially during a texas wind storm
Pack and label, pack and label, unpack – leave behind HALF of the clothings and shoes and just general STUFF that you think you need – double your skivvies – pack and label, pack and label.

  • Making a thing can be so beautifully satisfying, and so hard – a cake, a salad, a plan, a scarf, a kayak, a trip, a book, a dress, a whatever you want to try to make… the internet wit full of “how to make a thing” and then you can look up lots of helps from some people who know how and usually from some people who don’t (but that helps too) and then you have a THING! You made a thing! With your own hands, your own time, your own learning, your intuition… and if you wanna (but only if you wanna) you can look at someone and say “I made this for you”
  • Man! Fingernails really like to break on days i’m not paying attention to where i put my person.

Lift up your fellow artists, help them achieve their dreams too, they are working hard, you are working hard, it’s fun to work together and dream big and we really do grow faster when we grow as a team.

  • Having someone who will talk and listen even when maybe they don’t have the time-right-now, or maybe they had a craptastic day, but they still want to talk and listen… that’s pretty golden
  • Okay – maybe it’s time for new socks when ALL the socks have holes. How did ALL the socks get holes? Am i just super hard on my tootsies? Did I anger the actual Washing Machine and it just chomped away at my socks in particular?
  • The worlds largest pimple will appear when you don’t want it to.

Building stuff can be complicated and difficult (which are two totally different things) – a healthier lifestyle, a show, a house, an ikea bedside table, a band, a kiddo (i don’t really know much about this but it looks WILDLY complicated)… i guess there’s just a lot of complicated and difficult out there when one is possessed by the drive to BUILD something, as so many of us are… in those building moments… find the small moments, the non-moments, the in between moments… take in the joy of it all, you are BUILDING, that is amazing, laugh with yourself, with the tribe around you, find those moments where you can say “yeah… this moment is pure” I promise you… those moments are rare, but they are phenomenal.

  • So, Y’all know i love packing in plastic baggies. BUT i found these clear plastic travel bags in the back of a closet at mah folks house and they are pretty awesome! So now i can SEE our show paint, and I can SEE the elder god worthy tangle of cables i feel i need to bring everywhere!
  • My grandmother taught me about “Think-Throughs” these are special safety pins that you hide in your clothes (like around button holes, keeping the buttons closed, or keeping your zipper zipped or whatever) when you are going out with someone you have a crushes on and you think you might wind up needing to “Think Through” throwing your clothes off a bridge and doing the grown-up like wild wildebeests. (Are you KIDDING me?? Wildebeest is spelled wildeBEEST and not wildeBEAST?!?! Who made that rule?). okay – back to the grandmotherly lesson. I haven’t thought about “Think-Throughs” in forever… I was packing up my sewing machine to take to LA and i realized i needed to pack up a sewing kit, and before i knew it i was obsessively packing ALL the safety pins in a plastic baggie (see loving plastic baggie note)… and it was a LOT of safety pins… and i thought… dang… good thing, in case somebody needs some “Think-Throughs” on this tour!! And it reminded me of Mamo, and I laughed.
Also remember to label your thingies, especially if you have thingies that look like other peoples thingies, You are living in close quarters when you are on tour, stuff gets mixed up all the times… computer cables, phone charges, toothbrushes… I chose bats.

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