Tour Notes Day 9

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 9 – Southern Roots Tour

  • Drink your orange juice.
  • Don’t lose your duffel.
  • Paint your fingernails.

Laugh at yourself.

  • Very little is actually as serious as it may seem in the moment. Breathe. Process. You’ll be okay.
  • Hug people.
  • Wave more. What happened to waving!?! I love waving!!
  • At the end of the day – you are the only one responsible for yourself and your feelings and your actions.
  • Listen to new music.

Brush your teeth.

  • Build up! Build up the people around you, the precious creative souls who share your time and space. Don’t tear them down.
  • Bring a broom.
  • Keep an inventory.
  • Learn how to do that amazingly loud whistling through your fingers!!!
  • Bring your own PA. It can be the difference between saving a show or losing one.
  • Fire ants suck.

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