Tour Notes Day 9 – New York City

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 9 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Do Not sell yourselves short on the sleep, Loves, that one is pretty huge
  • OHMYSTARS!! Oranges are SO frickin good!!! Yumyumyumyum
  • It is okay to have a snack before bed, and empty tummy and a full head make it hard to sleep
  • Woah Nelly!! When brushing out the hairs in the van . . . Maybe put down a plastic bag or something because there are a lot of little escapers . . . Teeny weeny red escape artists
  • Be kind to your fellow artists, support art, be good to each other . . . Dis just good life notes.
The Amatory Murder rocked it
  • I get asked, quite often, if all the hair on my head is my “real hair” yes. People want to pet it (or pull on it) to see if it is attached to me. Yes, I grew it myself. It did not, however, come in these fabulous colors. That’s thanks to the marvelous Rachel Lee in Los Angeles, DM for contact info.

Ahhh NYC . . . I lived here for some of my formative years . . . What delights do you hold for us today?

  • Its always funny returning to places I feel deeply connected to. Is it bittersweet? Am I excited? Will I want to leave again? How much the city has changed since I lived here, I really hope my NYC folks can make it out 🖤
  • Well! Now that is a fancy new smell we have discovered there New York!

From LA to NYC!!!

  • Sometimes there isn’t much rest, and stresses run high, be gentle with each other bands, it will make everything else better.
  • Okay – as comfy as the flowy pants and the panda onesies are for travel – leggings – from now on, only leggings – because soooo many bathrooms (especially gas stations) have icky floors and there are soggy puddles outside – leggings.
  • So important to warm everything up before a show! Voices, fingers, faces, bodies . . . Warm up all the things.
  • Oh yeah – tea and honey all day erryday, no matter what!
  • Take joy in the textures of life, so many beautiful textures

Sometimes the best of intentions are still a little sticky . . . Well, Not Today Jesus!

  • There are SO many fanny packs in New York!!
  • Sooooo, I play a lot of ridiculous instruments, one of them is called a “slapper” – this is a fun instrument to play at a fetish event!!
Holy. Wow. What a brilliant and lovely event! It’s 5:30am, we just finished loading out, and the sun is starting to come up, we are looking for Halal and this is a great night
There is something really magical about a small child sharing her sleeping space with you . . . I feel so squishy cozy . . . This is an amazing bed.

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