Tour Notes Day 8, Miami!

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes – Unity of Opposites Tour: Finale

  • Scam Likely on soooo many phone calls now… Grody.
  • Time is terribly liquid, ten minutes can feel like it went by in the blink of an eye or like it is an hour long… This mostly depends on how full ones bladder is
  • Experiencing so many kinds of weather! I looove the rain so much! It smells so good and makes everything feel fresh.
  • Sometimes there are people who just suck, not in the fun way, who are just rude or dismissive or calculatingly mean, they cannot be allowed to have too much of an influence on you, I find that leaning on the people I love dearly helps in these situations.
  • I think I already made a note about a straightener… But just in case… Bring one.
  • You can never have too much peanut butter on tour.
  • Cookies and/or ice cream can solve most things… Have some while you think about how best to move forward… Then decide.
  • If yer gonna blow on people’s faces to dry their makeup… Brush yer teeth first.
  • Careful where you rock out… You might just unplug… The everything.
  • Excellent water pressure is excellent!
Rocking out at Las Rosas in Miami

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