Tour Notes Day 8 – Canton, OH

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 8 – Unity of Opposites Tour

This curly tailed dog!! THIS curly tailed DOGGO!!
  • Woah, farts can really creep up on a gal!
  • Why is it that automatic toilets flush like four hundred times while I’m peeing, but automatic hand dryers refuse to see me??
  • Turns out you CAN see in the van if there is a big light shining from the outside into it . . . Yep, dude . . . Those were my boobs, I guess we’re friends now . . . Come to our show!
  • Birthdays Are Awesome!
Jim Morrison on the wall! One of my earliest music influences and here he is to greet us.
  • How does cigarette smoke stay in EVERYTHING?!?!? We don’t smoke!! How is it EBBERYWHERE?!?!?
  • We all have our behind the scenes get ready quirks, our show talismans, our special desires that we MUST have to go on stage . . . Some of them are awesome
Keytar yoga
  • Birthdays on the road are such fun!!
One of my favorite games (pinball)!! AND my favorite celebrity couple (Morticia and Gomez – relationship goals)!! This place is amazing!!
  • Why are sounds so much soundier in the darkness?
  • A mosh pit AND a full bouncy house in one night?!? This place is amazing!!!
  • Hair is complicated! Makeup is complicated!! Massive shoutouts to all the people who who have helped us with hair and makeup over the moons!!

Ooohh man, imma have a bangover tomorrow!! From head banging so much tonight – getchyer mind outta the gutter

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