Tour Notes Day 7 – Milwaukee, WI

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 7 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • One week on the road! How does it feel like we’ve only been on the road for a few days but also months? Is that a thing??
  • Best band ever!! Steve and Gordon go to Target . . . ADVENTURE!! I realize that Target has flippy flops! Send text. “Hey, would y’all mind grabbing me some flippy flops please? Just whatever they have that’s cheap” and I get this awesome photo back!! “Got any preferences?” Yay!!
many options
  • Chicago is still amazing, no time to take in the theatre here whilst we are on the road, but I am sure it is amazing as well
  • Always test shower doors before getting in . . . Because it is possible to become trapped
  • Get a waterproof phone case and start taking that little communicator everywhere in case you hypothetically become trapped in a shower.
  • I love it when Tash just plays the piano.
  • Every single square centimeter of this van is going to be used by the end of this of this tour. These guys are Tetris MASTERS.
  • People have suuuuper fun fetishes . . . xoxo
  • I LOVE graffiti, I loooove graffiti!! Why do I love graffiti so much?!?
Dog on a bar stool! DOG on a bar stool!!
  • When you have a bean stuck in your back tooth on stage . . . Don’t try to dig it out with your tongue . . . Just let it be a bean . . . It’ll be alright

Just don’t choke on it or anything

  • We have a lot of stuff . . . Not individually or anything . . . But there are five of us . . . And we all have gear, clothes, costumes, more gear, and more gear.
Gear pile
  • WOW! Make sure the hotel room you are trying to get into is yours . . . In fact, while you’re at it . . . Make sure you’re at the right hotel . . . We are currently loading up the van to drive down the street . . . Yup
  • It sure is great when people put our shirts on at the merch table and want to wear them . . . That feels awesome! Sometimes they even take their pants off! (That escalated quickly)

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