Tour Notes Day 6 – Chicago, IL

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 6 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Tea! Glorious Tea!
  • Chicago is such a fun town! I was born on the south side here, and I have an affinity for the city. Some of the best theatre I have ever seen in my life has been in this city, and it just blows me away, I cannot wait to play here!!
  • Hot dog vending machines should not be a thing, no no no.
  • Its so cool when the hair and makeup work out.
  • Heavens, yoga makes a big difference!
  • I feel so much more in my body out here on the road, it’s really magnificent
  • Patience is an amazing thing, I mean really amazing, these folks are soooo patient with me, and I am so grateful . . . I mean I am clumsy and awkward as all get out, and I talk to myself . . . And they don’t judge me . . . It’s wonderful
  • Meeting other VtM and WoD fans on the road is AWESOME!!
  • Hey! Before you go on stage . . . Tie yer shoes!
  • What is this? Is this poetry I feel? Are these lyrics bubbling around?
  • Eye contact is AMAZING- eye contact with band members, eye contact with the audience, eye contact with kitties who want to sleep on the floor rolly with me . . . It’s all great!!
  • Oh, and yeah, that was totally me who burped super loud during “Waiting for You” tonight, me, yep.

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