Tour Notes Day 5 – San Antonio, TX

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 5 – Unity of Opposites Tour, Part 2

  • Sweet mother of pearl a full night of deep sleep makes SO much difference… I mean ALL the difference in the verse .
  • The internet is amazing… I mean… It goes all around the world. We can talk to musicians in India, in Europe, in Africa, in Brazil… Wild. So inspiring to be able to communicate at lightning speed (or I guess WiFi speed) with just about anyone being just about anywhere. Mind. Blown.
  • Sometimes a nap can fix just about anything… Sometimes.
  • Other things that fix all sorts of things: amazing eye contact from phenomenal humans, a cross country message from a loved one, a song that reminds you of someone important, catching a glimpse of animals playing, getting completely lost in a daydream, Tash cooking.
  • Sometimes it’s just best to be a dragon.
  • One of the super fun things about traveling the country is that we get to see family!! It is always such a treat!!
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to have a private dance party, like when insomnia kicks in and it’s just me and my sisters poodle hanging out at 5am absolutely not sleeping at all… Great time for a dance party.
  • I think I may need dance lessons.

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