Tour Notes Day 5 – Madison, WI

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 5 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • In general, coffee is good. I don’t drink it, but I believe in it.
  • Aaahhh the delicate dance of “whose butt goes where” as we all get ready in the morning.
  • More presents!! Costumes!! Clothes!! Thank you so so much for keeping us well outfitted and clothed!
  • Precious little scraggly lookin dog at our hotel!! Aaaaahhhh wee smol doggo!! Don’t look at me weird, lady, YOUR dog made eye contact with me!! I’m just sayin Hi!!
I miss Woofgang.
  • Anytime, ANYTIME, you find yourself thinking “This is a great place to put this most-important-item! I will totally remember where this is” you won’t remember, so either take a picture, or tell your band mates or your mom or someone who can help you find the most-important-item later when you are freaking out about where it is.
  • We listen to a lot of podcasts and books on the road (in our headphones), so everynowandthen someone will just bust out laughing, it’s adorable and inspiring.
  • We are playing a fun game this tour – fruit on my head, or low hanging fruit, or well, we haven’t quite worked out the name – but here’s bananas and apples so far.
  • I can use my looking skills!
  • Ohhhh thunder and lightning, you are so magical!!
  • The written word is so powerful, words are so powerful, spoken words can make or break . . . well . . . so much . . . and just the fact that. we are ABLE to read is nearly miraculous . . .
  • Having feelings is weird and wonderful – I am still learning.
  • The forehead kiss really is saved for the truly special.
Look at this amazing backstage TV so we can see what’s going on on the stage!! TECHMOLOGY!!

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