Tour Notes Day 4 – San Marcos, TX

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 4 – Unity of Opposites Tour, Part 2

  • What do we do with twenty minutes of sleep and a 6am drive away time? Cardio and yoga of course!!
  • Everyone!! Come tell me stories about your pets!! I want to hear all of them!!
  • This tour has been so full of awesome food! Thank you to everyone who is going out of your way to feed us!
  • Don’t take your horizontal surfaces for granted!! Being able to put the makeup on an actual table to do the face painting is AMAZING.
  • Eight people in the audience who really want to rock out and have a great time are so much fun… I’ll take that over a hundred people who look like their moms dragged them to our show any day.
  • If your mom drags you to a show – thank her – she didn’t have to take your sulky behind anywhere at all.
  • I really enjoy it when people I have never met before chat it up with me like we have known each other FOREVER it makes me feel so comfortable and welcome, it’s a rare gift I think that some people have to just make other people instantly comfortable, and I am SO grateful for that.
  • Let go of expectations – they don’t serve you. You only have control over yourself, that’s it kids… Just you. You can’t control other people, so be grateful that you have control over your own self. Protect your heart, surround yourself with the goodness that feeds your soul. You got this.
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