Tour Notes Day 3 – El Paso, TX

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 3 – Unity of Opposites Tour, Part 2

  • Tour notes day 3 sweaty summer tour, August 18, 2019
  • Yep, tiger balm, tiger balm and cbd oil, tiger balm and cbd oil and yoga… Still got a bangover… Delicious delicious bangover.
  • Wow, these crowds, these bands!! Already, we are three days in and EVERYONE has been absolutely amazing. So talented, so giving, so beautiful. feeling blessed.
  • Massive thank yous to the fans and friends who have grown and changed with us as we have morphed and moved, it means the world to us. It really does.
  • Plastic pants may look cool on stage, but they really aren’t the best choice for August in the Southwest… I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking with this particular wardrobe choice.
  • Sometimes when we put the lights in a slightly different place, I think my shadow is a band mate, so I get out of the way really quickly, then I’m startled because there is nobody there… So I go back to dancing and getting all lost in the music and so forth and then i get SO startled because there is a band mate near me who is clearly rocking out like mad and needs more space, so I move over really quickly… And then there is no one there… Again… I think it took five repeats tonight before it became clear that my shadow is just particularly excitable when I am dancing and I should just let it rock out the way it wants to.
Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! Go out and get yourself a little house panther!! Lots of kittehs need forever homes!!
  • Okay y’all – lotion on my face at the end of the night (or in the very wee hours of the morning) is one of my all time favorite moments of every day. I didn’t grow up with a nightly ritual sort of business, so I’m trying to learn as a more-grown-up-person how to have a getting-ready-for-sleep ritual that includes self care and routines and doing things that are good for the body and soul and thingslikethat. SO, the point is, at the end of the day, after washing my face, putting the lotion on it’s skin is one of my FAVORITE parts of the day. Woah. I mean… I don’t even have words to describe that creamy bliss.
  • I can’t wait until Woofgang can come on tour with us.
  • When people come to see the show… It’s special… When we haven’t seen them in years it’s special… When they are sharing the music with us for the first time it’s special… Making music with people is special.
  • Tour boogers are intense (no pics tho)
We like the pretty lights

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