Tour Notes Day 3 – Denver

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 3 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Self care and being able to care for other people/creatures go hand in hand .
  • When yer outfit has little feathers in it yer prolly gonna leave little feathers everywhere, accept this, this is part of life.
  • Take time to pet kitties . . . If they seem like nice kitties who are asking to be petted and then be sure that you do so with the utmost gentleness and respect.
  • Each day is a new day and is probably best treated as one, let yesterday be yesterday and focus on making today as excellent as possible.
  • We can learn from each experience if we take the time to listen… It’s that listening bit that can be a bit tough… I hear it’s worth it
  • It really goes a long way to have friends who are just cool, not creepy, not all get-in-your-pantsy, just “oh hey, you’re cool and wanna talk about cool stuff? That’s cool!”

FLIP FLOPS on the road – don’t forget these again!

  • When you are excitedly running through the super soft super long super wet grass because you are in a place that has such magical super awesome things – watch out for poop!
  • Tour really is a great place (as all places are) to practice the “let that shit go!” mantra. Because yesterday is suuuper gone and you can’t let anything negative from yesterday ruin today! Today is a whole new day!! Wooo!!
Appa in a hat!
  • One of the most awesome parts of being on the road is hearing all of incredible bands we get to play with!! New music! New music!

MoonMoon never gets old (never)

  • Sometimes the right words from the right person can make so many things so much better in an instant…
  • Be sure to offer your gratitude when you feel it, gratitude is one of those things that people can take for granted and it doesn’t take much time to say “hey, thanks” and it feels good to say it, and it feels good to feel it, and it feels good to hear it! Win, win, win!
  • Sooo many amazing people coming together to let us stay in their beautiful homes!! Thank you SO much for being so generous with your spaces!! With your time!! With your wiggly squishy adorable dogs!! I just want to put my face on all the doggos!!!
  • I nearly got into a hilarious throw down tonight about where one can play D&D and when… Uuummmmmm… The correct answer is anywhere and whenever please!!
  • I need to remember to take more photos

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