Tour Notes Day 3 and 4

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes – Unity of Opposites Tour: Finale

  • I think waking up in the chilly mountain air might be my favorite way to wake up
  • Oh yeah, bring the straightener, it doesn’t take up much space and when you need it, it’s the only thing that will do
  • Wondering why people are looking at you funny while you gesture wildly at them with your wallet? Oh! That’s not my wallet at all… That’s a maxi pad. So I guess the tour lesson for this moment is… Get more sleep and be aware of what you are flinging around.
  • I need to find a little personal serge protector, something compact and light, but someplace to plug ALL the things in every night
  • Oh wow, Angel Patrons, thank you so much.
  • Rest when you can, sleep whenever you are able to on the road, you are constantly changing time zones and in all sorts of different environments from night to night, protect your body, it’s worth it.
  • I really need to take some self defense classes, just so I can feel safe. Sometimes I am reminded that I am not so big.
  • Holy wow, so wonderful to feel so close to people so quickly. It’s a magical experience that doesn’t happen all that much to me, so when it does it is absolutely amazing.

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