Tour Notes Day 2

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 2 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Duck time!! Lookin all swanky and feathery smooth on the top and paddlin like crazy underneath!
  • Find your moments for rest and protect them, you need them, your team needs them, your team needs their moments of rest too.
  • Pink Moon Pink Moon!! Check in with your intentions, my Loves, are you focusing on growing what is healthy and positive for YOU? Check in with your loving, playful, creative self, and make sure you are feeding the parts of YOU that you desire to heal and nourish.
I like cat
  • There is no new news in the news
  • Taking time to daydream about things when there are wonderful things to daydream about is magical . . .
  • Clouds make beautiful shadow designs on snowy mountains.
  • It’s nice when people are nice.

  • Sooooo be sure to check if there IS a toilet seat before you sit down ::sploosh::
  • Awwww just saw two people sharing one of those little rent-a-scooter things . . . and they looked SO HAPPY
  • Happy is nice too.
  • Taxidermy is really one of my favorite things in the world . . . Like in the whole world . . . exhale . . . Okay . . . This is me not buying ALL the beautiful taxidermy tonight.
  • Sometimes I find myself just making lists of everything I’ve done wrong, I’m currently doing wrong, I might do wrong… And while this can be useful to correct mistakes and not make the same ones again, It’s also good to make lists of all the good stuff you got going on to keep things balanced! Balance really is the key here… As it is in all things.
I love presents!! Who doesn’t?!? Check out Reginald! A gift from Kevin Cash at Skinwalker Valley! Thank you, Cash!! He’s beautiful!!

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