Tour Notes Day 19-21 – New Orleans, LA

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 19-21 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • International No Diet Day!! Huzzah all around!!
  • If yer gonna egg a car . . . Make sure it’s the right car . . . #youngleebash
  • A gal can never have too many taxidermied little Beasties
  • Ooohhh this born and bred New Orleans accent is soooooo luxurious
  • Nothing quite like a bunch of goths eating powdered sugar beignets in the middle of the night!! A time honored New Orleans tradition!!
  • Oh wowy wow wow – hot sauce gets real hot – I tried a hot sauce on a wee bitty spoon and it was suuuper hot so I stepped outside to cool down, but we are in New Orleans, so it’s warm outside, so that didn’t really help, and water doesn’t help, and there wasn’t any milk, and my mouth is still on fire
  • Does the five second rule apply to cigarettes? None of us smoke . . . But I have seen a few people drop their cigarettes on the ground here and just pick them back up and keep smoking . . . Maybe the fire cleans it?
  • Do not expect your alarm to wake you if you fall asleep with your earphones blasting electronica.
  • Two shows in one day is awesome!
  • If you drop a tater tot down your shirt does it become a titty tot?
  • Sometimes I have so many things in my hands and then headphones get involved and then I can’t get the hairspray out of one hand into the other because the other hand is holding the hairbrush and somehow the phone is also involved and the tea and then the headphones are wrapped around my neck and then I just have to sit down – moral – take a buddy with you everywhere – especially restrooms in night clubs
  • If there were stairs going down when you left, there will be stairs going up when you come back . . . Otherwise you are at the wrong house
  • We have met the most awesome and nicest people on this tour. Last night at the water cooler this dude laughed and joking said “hey, can I buy you a water? From this free water cooler?” Totally adorable and tongue-in-cheek about it. So I said yes, and thank you. He went to pour the water and the cooler was out of water so he said “well, looks like I’m just a guy who is full of shit” and I didn’t think, I just said “well, at least you know it” and he died laughing and we were instant friends and it was such fun and so nice to have such a fun exchange. Tash and I f%#@/g put up with a lot of “hey gurl, r u single?” And stuff like that, so it was refreshing and light hearted and fun.
Squad (tash taking pic!)
Nom noms @ Cafe Du Monde
Beignets of DOOM
Incredible street artists in NOLA
dis me now . . . I have decided to have caffeine again . . . Look out
Snuggly kitty boo
Band face mask night!! Totally necessary on tour with all this face paint goin on!!

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