Tour Notes Day 18 – Mebane, NC

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 18 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • I think we should just add a snuggly beast to our hospitality rider
  • Passion and enthusiasm make ALL the difference in the world, those things are infectious and addicting and wonderful to be around
  • Sometimes I’ll be trying to keep track of the band and I’ll look at them and go “Tash, Gordon, Scott, Steve, okay . . . That’s four . . . Tash, Gordon, Scott, Steve . . . Who on earth are we missing? We usually have five”
  • I have also lost my phone on this tour while using the flashlight app on my phone to look for my phone
  • I was once on the phone with my sister and freaked out because I couldn’t find my phone and she just chuckled her darling little laugh and said “Call me back when you find it”
  • Ooooohhh accents in the Deep South! Damn!!
  • Don’t ask me to go a place unless you want me to go, because I like to go places.
  • Yay!! People read these tour notes!! Thank you SO much for reading these!! And thank you for the peanut butter!!
  • How can someone who has EVERY hair tie at the beginning of tour have NO hair ties tonight!?!?
Van packing!

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