Tour Notes Day 17 – Carrboro, NC

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 17 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • May the Fourth be with you.
  • There are things in the world called “Butt Buckets” you can buy them at gas stations. They are for to go in your car to put your cigarette butts in so they are slightly less grody. That being said when it’s early, and you’ve been on tour, and you’re a little sleep deprived, seeing a big sign at the gas station for “BUTT BUCKETS” can make one go a little slack jawed . . .
  • Getting glutened suuuuuuucks
  • Plus side – a doggie came to our show tonight and she sang along!! It was adorable!!
  • It is so incredible when the audience is willing to get up and dance and participate in the show. It makes such a huuuuge difference!!
  • Hoppy little frogs on the ground! Soooo adorable!
  • Sometimes we forget that we are wearing makeup and we go to 24-hour CVS and have no idea why everyone is looking at us like they are . . . Theeeeeeennnn we remember
  • Sooo fun to have so many perfectly little Sasha-sized sleeping spaces on this journey
Flowers of North Carolina
Sasha sized sleeping spots!

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