Tour Notes Day 14 – Pittsburgh, PA

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 14 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Boys are like combustion engines – the perfect storm of stinkiness.
  • We also go through a ton of peanut butter.
  • I find, yet again, that I have packed too many shirts, I brought five Tshirts for a month and I have worn 2, this is a good note for next tour . . . I’ve whittled it down from every-shirt-I-own to 5, but I think I could get away with 2 . . . Maybe 3 . . . Okay 3
  • Cars run on gasoline or biofuel or electricity or solar power . . . Not speedy freezes.
  • When on the road for this long, bring exfoliator and face masks, bring extra delightful skin care. This is pretty vital for the precious face skin.
  • Take nothing for granted, everything is precious, washing machines, bathrooms with doors on them, socks with no holes, quiet time.
  • Take your naps where you can get them!
  • What are your intentions for May?
  • Life is so short, my Loves, so very very short, you never know when it is going to be swept out from under you. Hold your loved ones close, tell people when you care about them, don’t let stupid shit get in the way of honesty. Life is short. Hug your friends.
  • Yay! My face recognition thingie on my phone is starting to recognize me in my face paint!!
  • There’s a lot of GoGoGo in this business, there’s also a lot of waitwaitwait, so bring a book, or a kindle, or some cross stitching . . . Because you don’t want to just toodle around on yer phone.
  • Maybe don’t sniff your armpits in front of the crowd.

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