Tour Notes Day 10

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 10 – Southern Roots Tour

  • Sleep whenever you can, if someone offers you the time and space to sleep, take it.
  • Keep the van Windows clean.
  • Isn’t it funny what we learn and when and how and stuff. I was cleaning the van Windows, and I just remembered my dad, Doug Travis, cleaning the windows on our long family road trips. At the time I thought it was a waste of time, and here I am, many many moons later and I’m scrubbing bug guts off the windows of our van …
  • It’s hot, and bright, bring light weight clothes, sunglasses, a big hat, sunscreen, an umbrella … Whatever it takes to protect yourself from the wicked daystar.
  • It’s WAY easier to blow dry hair in El Paso than in Austin

Carry lotion (it will want to put the lotion on its skin)

  • Decide what you NEED then don’t bring anything else. There’s not as much time as you think there is going to be, thus, that crocheting you have been meaning to finish …. Probably not going to get done on tour.
  • Unpack and repack a few times to be sure you still have all your goodies … I’ve left a giant hair dryer somewhere.
  • Get a labeler.
  • Label stuff.

I could not be more grateful for this tour

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