Tour Notes Day 10 – Salem, MA

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 10 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • ooooh wow . . . That stuffed toy bed was amaaaaaaazing
  • It is such an honor when people take the time to write to us, to send us photos, to take a moment out of their days to reach out… So grateful.
This fat birb! This fat birb!

As a performer we are there to provide an experience for the audience, that’s our life. These audiences have been absolutely amazing, so generous, so responsive, so fun! We are grateful performers!

  • Soooo smelly! Everything is sooooo smelly! Dis what comes from having awesome dry-clean-only stuff on the road. 🤢
  • Whistling is cool and very happy sounding
We are always so incredibly lucky and blessed to be SO well taken care of on tour, people open their homes to us, the venues have crash space, Tash always makes sure we are well fed and well rested and well taken care of. Pictured above is incredible lentils and rice. 😋
  • Why is it that sometimes when you get some really really good sleep all you want to do is get more really really good sleep?
  • Just because it looks delicious, doesn’t mean it is delicious
  • Holy wow New England is pretty
Beautiful flowers of New England
Our kind host drew a picture of the band
What a great night at DARQ in Salem!

The best way to support what we do is by buying some merch! Thanks so much and all the love.


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