Tour Notes Day 1

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 1 – Unity of Opposites Tour

  • Everything takes Pi times as long as I think it will, always, nothing in my life takes less time. I need to get better at this. Time is just so liquid.
  • Snaps take longer.
  • Tattoo removal hurts, Dolls and Guys, so make sure you really want it, make sure it’s for a good reason . . .
  • There is ALWAYS time for whale watching stories. . . Also whale watching

Hydrate folks. Hydrate, water, water, water.

  • Cats are sharp
  • Plants die easily
  • Men should wear more eyeliner
  • Yoga on a trampoline is excellent exercise for your core. (Go Tash!)
  • If you see a grave that seems unattended and just ready to leap in . . . Maybe look around first and ask . . . Just in case
Holy wow – getting everything in the van is mind blowing – the guys rock
  • Never pass up an opportunity to go YeeHaw
  • Yay!! Thank you Steven for making us such a beautiful dinner!!

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