Tour Notes Day 1 – Reno, NV

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 1 – Unity of Opposites Tour: Finale

  • Take off your shirt before you put on your face paint if you have a tightish pullover shirt.
  • If you happen to have super powdery fine sparkly eye shadows in little pots, and the lids just might come off, put them in a snack ziploc baggie so you don’t have a gloriously sparkly bag… Unless you want a gloriously sparkly bag… Then go to town!
  • Be sure to find places in your life where you can (safely) stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone, I find just little things can help, so brush your teeth with the other hand! Journal about a topic you’ve been avoiding! Go skydiving! Eat a weird fruit!
  • Yoga outside in the chilly weather feels soooooo good.
  • Oh wow – when people make us food (or bring us food, or peanut butter, or waters, or peanut butter) we feel SOO lucky and loved and taken care of and we are so grateful!!
  • Take some risks, friends and family, step outside of yourself and leap every now and then, sometimes life is just passing you by while you are waiting for “the right moment” or for something about the situation to change to be more convenient, sometimes you just have to dig in deep and listen to your heart.
  • Hot sauce is still hot, when everyone says “don’t do it, you’ll burn your tongue” maaaaaayyyyybe it’s okay to listen . . . Maybe.
  • Don’t do yoga on a bee, nobody wins.
Stage feet…
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