The Renaissance People Podcast Episode 1

The Renaissance People

In my last blog post, I talked about collaboration and focused in on the collaborative process within the band. The collaborative process also encompasses the artists in our community who have worked with us to create our visual and performance aspects as well. Carl Garcia has been one of the key components to our music videos in all our Moondrops as both actor in front of the camera and director of photography behind the camera. Also a dear friend, he and I have had many conversations about the incredibly talented people who surround us, and we have wanted to highlight them individually to share the bits of radiance that we have witnessed ourselves when working with them.

Sit down with Lennon and Jacson to talk all things Boomstick Theater 🙂

One of our amazing collaborators is dancer and choreographer Lennon Hobson, who has been in a number of our videos and been a vital part of many shows. A mover and shaker in the many realms that she occupies, she recently started a theater company with her partner, Jackson Kendall, called Boomstick Theater.

Their debut show for their first season is this Sunday, where they will be showcasing the work of local playwrights. We’re so proud of our friends and wanted to share this little interview we did of them talking about their company. If you’re interested, you can also listen to the whole interview below.

The Renaissance People Podcast – Episode 1

Hope you all have a beautiful and inspiring weekend!


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