Tour Notes Day 5

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 5 – Southern Roots Tour

  • Friends come and go, lovers come and go, even family comes and goes … Pursue your passion, chase your dreams, follow your own magical path, because at the very end o it all, you’re gonna go too … What are you going to do with your one and precious life?
  • The men on this tour are all true gentlemen, I’m so grateful to be traveling with men who are so kind, protective, intelligent, creative, and generous of spirit.
  • Putchyer makeup on in the van, at least as much of it as possible (obviously not eyeliner for me) because you never know who you’ll run into 🙂
  • Okay – pay attention to this one – pack what you think you are gonna need, then unpack it. Put half the clothes back, you don’t need them, now, add twice as many underpants. Basic story – you need half as many clothes as you pack, but twice as much underwears.
  • Strange – we got stopped at a border patrol, dogs doing their jobs are still adorable dogs. We waited by the side of the road while the poochies went through our bags. So, I guess the note here is – don’t do stupid shit, like carry illegal drugs around in a giant black van with a trailer. The border patrol was shocked, absolutely shocked that we didn’t even have any weed with us. Guess we got profiled.

Texas people are sooooo flipping nice!!

  • Painting ones own nails is not necessarily a job that can be included in multitasking.
  • I broke the house. This isn’t a tour tip, this is a confession. I totally broke the house hangs head.
  • There is nothing in the world like a home cooked meal!!! Yum yum yum.
  • Always carry your id – even to load in.
  • Sometimes, when the hotel room is particularly smelly … Let Appa sleep in the van, he doesn’t mind, and that way he won’t soak up hotel room funk.
  • Fog juice is way sticky and gross … I mean … Gross.

Quote of the Night “this music is so loud, I can feel it in my butt”

  • At any given moment everyone in the band will be the one person doing the most, sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s not you. Do your part, everyone else is doing theirs, don’t waste your energy dwelling on this too much.
  • On stage is not necessarily the place to try out wild new skillz. Like, I’m a singer, so suddenly taking a contortion solo … Not the best choice.
  • Earplugs. That’s it. Just. Earplugs.
  • Take as many videos as possible. Same reason as photos. Just for remembering, if nothing else.
  • Late at night in scary places is not the time to decide to wander about by oneself, beginning of horror movie 🙂

“t’aint nothin in the world that Blue Bell cain’t solve” ~ my Grandad

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