Tour Notes Day 4

Sasha's Tour Notes From The Van

Tour Notes Day 4 – Southern Roots Tour

No matter how hard you plan, how hard you try, how much effort you put into something, sometimes things go wrong, and you really just have to roll with it. Getting all stressed out doesn’t solve the situation, in fact, it probably makes it worse for everyone, yourself included.

Not really a lesson, more of a question … Why on earth are there chocolates in vending machines outside in the summer, in the south?

Oh by the way … Label your stuff … For me this has more to do with being sure I remember my stuff …

I can’t wait to go on tour with all the dancers!!

Don’t necessarily stuff yourself at the buffet before hopping in the van, it be bumpy…

Ff you’re going to try to kill a fly in the van, make sure to do it not on the Chex mix.

The above sorta applies to everywhere, not just in the van

The desert is exceptionally beautiful from an air-conditioned moving viewing box.

Make sure you know where your towel is.

These hotel rooms remind me of every childhood road trip!!

Certain bananas should be thrown out!

I MISS thunderstorms!

I miss Texas when I am not in Texas.

Take pictures!! Take pictures of everything!! Take pictures of things you think are stupid and ridiculous to take pictures of, because come tomorrow, you might not really remember today (at least this happens to me all the time).

The Great American Road Trip is utterly phenomenal and I am so grateful to be on it with these people …


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