AL1CE // Past Tense of Never // Coloured Clueless


Jun 1st 2020
Greensboro, NC
Flat Iron
AL1CE // Past Tense of Never // Coloured Clueless

We are so excited to return to North Carolina to bring you new music as part of the ROBOT DREAMS tour 🔥 – We’ll be joined by the amazing Past Tense Of Never and Coloured Clueless at Flat Iron in Greensboro.

AL1CE is a multimedia performing arts rock group that fuses dance, surrealist art, video, world music, electronica and rock into a veritable broth of sound and vision. The music began as a collaboration between Gordon Bash, Tash Cox, and Scott Landes, all members of Mankind is Obsolete, who began forging their vision of creating a surreal sound and bringing in their influences of Pink Floyd, Tool, Queen, and new wave and electronic music into a fusion that grew organically during early jam sessions between the three original members. The concept of AL1CE was conceived by the trio on an excursion to Joshua Tree, a desert park dotted by silhouettes of cacti, a rugged terrain, and the foundation from which their imaginations were able to spark and ignite.

Monday, June 1st
Flat Iron
221 Summit Ave
Greensboro, NC 27401
AL1CE with guests Past Tense of Never and Coloured Clueless

$5 21+, $8 18-20

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