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  • Samantha Wu / Spill Magazine
    AL1CE contains some powerhouse talents that are making waves in the rock and electronica music scenes and they are definitely worth keeping an eye on.
  • JW Watson
    ...while there are elements of familiarity that make it seem like you've known the band already, they are truly unique and original which is something far too rare these days.
  • Patrick Allen
    I can't stop listening to your album!! I'm not even usually into your type of music that much, but ``The Thirteenth Hour`` is a fantastic release.
  • Scarlet - Las Vegas' Deepest Red Goth Night
    ...you were amazing, and we thank you so much for trekking out from L.A. with your incredible show and music. We can't wait for you to return... literally. We were treated to something very special last night.
  • Zach Waddle
    I'm not sure if what I'm living is my dream or a nightmare, but I'm sure that I'm wide awake.

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