She seeks Source.

She weaves her moments in this black universe,
not knowing where it ends and where she begins,
With the promise of a beautiful truth,
Waiting for her at the end of her divine journey.

And so she stumbles in the dark, never knowing why or what she is. She is given glimpses of light in memories—love, joy, clarity, hope. Each sun that sets and rises, bending time to its will, brings in more and more reflections of this light.

She sees pain, she sees rage, she sees others helpless around her, struggling with humanity and having no answers.

But within her stillness, she sees that dark is beautiful.

Because the light is known within it.

“When angels fall, kept from the
Sanctuary of E’ven and Kai they will be.

My spirit still wanders the sea though
My skin and mind erode to stone.

A warning to those who still use light
To blind:

Dignity fades, sanity cracks, power fails,
And all who remain of this dogma
Will know the pain that comes from
Scratching at the other side of the gate.

Mortal angels will cry out for home and hope
And the universe will answer with silence,

‘Til the children of man is emptied of possibility
And the final cry is sounded,
And skies open,
And the sun burns,
And life, once more, returns to the source,

And all fades in the Afterlight.

~Ikari Thorn 500 B.C.

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